Friday, 21 June 2013

Chaos, your name is Walter

Let's get a puppy he said.

I don't think so I said.

Let's just look he said.

There are rules I said.

He must be well mannered.

No digging in the back garden.

No jumping on people.

Not on the lounge.

So you can see how well that worked out!

Is the problem the dog? Walter? No, I mean, he's cute as a button . . .

Is the problem his human? You betcha!!! You see what I'm dealing with . . .

This boy and his dog are definitely good for each other. But as a duo are they good for me?

The jury's still out . . .

And while it's deliberating, I'm trying to overlook the chaos, the hairy . . . everything, the muddy paw prints.

And remembering to enjoy the funny way he has to run and grab a toy to show when he sees us first thing in the morning. And being able to comfort him when he hides behind my legs when someone sneezes or coughs. And remind myself that he's still just a puppy . . . with a lot of learning yet to do. 

And that he's lovely!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Chateau Hexagon - Birdhouse Corner

I've signed up for Lynette Anderson's (Mystery) Button Club - Chateau Hexagon. It started this month and runs for 9 months.  I'm using the fabrics suggested by Lynette, which have the most wonderful, muted and muddy palette. At the end of it I'll have a 26" x 37" quilt to hang on my wall.

The first block is "Birdhouse Corner".

And I've finished stitching it!


It's a lovely block to start off with . . . and has the cutest little bumble bees!!! Now I'm into the swing of it, bring on month 2, I say . . .

Pattern: Chateau Hexagon - Month 1 - Birdhouse Corner
Designer: Lynette Anderson

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Pear for June

When I saw Marly's original Pear Sampler (now Pear Sampler 1) back in the middle of last year, I knew it was a project I wanted to do. So I stitched it up and then did another one of my own design with a number sampler.

Marly's posted patterns for quite a few pear samplers since that first one. While most of them really appeal to me, I haven't quite gotten around to stitching any others . . . but her pattern for June really grabbed me! So out came the needle, threads and fabric . . .

Once I'd finished stitching I decided I didn't really need another "ornamental" pear, and instead appliqued it onto a journal cover.

While it was . . . nice . . . it seemed . . . hmm . . . not quite right.

So I unpicked the applique and did what I should have done in the first place - I made it up into a "pear". And I'm really glad I did, because I'm so happy with how it's turned out!

I've filled the pear with a mix of fibre fill (at the top around the stalk) and then crushed walnut shells and silica sand. This gives it a nice, heavy, substantial feeling, which I really like. Now I've got the bug again, the big question is . . . which one will I stitch next???

Pattern: Pear X
Designer: Marly - Samplers and Santas

Fabric: 27 count linen
Threads: DMC 3041, 3042, 611, 3023, 3053, 3820
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