Friday, 30 May 2014

It's been a long time coming

Finally. At long last. My Civil War Sampler Quilt top is done!

After making a whole stack of Shoofly blocks to fill the gaps . . . I decided against using them. And went with a mix of creams from my stash for the blocks and sashings instead.

Don't get me wrong, they are lovely. In the picture, the top with the Shoofly blocks looks beautiful, full of sparkling colour.  I laid them out. Took them out. Put them back. Such indecision. But in real life it was just a bit too busy with all the blocks. Who knows, maybe they'll become  a whole other quilt altogether . . .

But the construction process was not without . . . challenges assistance!

Between tripping over Walter (who managed to move to exactly where I needed to stand every. single. time.) and constantly having to move Squeaker (who had a knack of laying on exactly the row of blocks I needed to stitch next), let's just say a whole new dimension was added to the process. This quilt was certainly a collaborative effort!

So all that's left to be done is to send this top off to the quilter. And then some binding. It's been a long time coming!

Pattern: Civil War Sampler Quilts
Designer: Barbara Brackman

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Nature's Confetti

I love. love. love. this time of year in my home town. Autumn. Glorious colours. Cold nights. Fresh mornings. Sunshiny days. The reminder that time passes. That things change. To appreciate now.

On a rare afternoon home from work in the daylight this week, this is the magic that I was greeted with. How beautiful. And fleeting. When the leaves are like this, a slight puff of breeze makes for a dazzling display of nature’s confetti! It doesn’t take long before the trees will be bare for another season. And Winter, in all her beautiful starkness, will be upon us. But for now I’m certainly enjoying the golden glow of Autumn.

And with such a fantastic display of colour outside, I thought a splash of colour inside was in order too!

It’s nice the way a couple of simple, colour-blocked cushions can change the feel of a room. Some simple quilting and large vintage buttons from the button jar. Big chunks of great fabrics . . . they’re like oversized jewels for the lounge room.


What colours, I wonder, are inspiring you at this time of year?

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