Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Civil War Shoofly Blocks

It seemed about time I did some stitching. And this poor Civil War quilt has been in progress for so long now, that I want to see it pieced and bound!

I've had the fabrics for these Shoofly blocks cut, just waiting for time, energy and inspiration to collide.

Finally, when all the stars were aligned, I stitched . . .

and I stitched . . .

and I stitched!

Now I have all the "filler" blocks done I need to give serious thought to the sashings between the blocks. I'm pretty sure I'm going to arrange all the blocks on point, which I've never done before!

Now to consider what colour for the sashings. And corner stones, too . . .

Decisions, decisions.

Pattern: Civil War Quilts
Designer: Barbara Brackman
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