Singer Sewing Machines

I've got a couple of old Singer Sewing Machines . . . a 1951 Featherweight and a 1937 Model 66K Treadle Machine. I've found some really interesting reading while browsing the internet, both about other people's machines and about how to service and maintain my own. With that in mind, I thought I'd keep a list of links I found to be useful - and maybe you will, too.

Although the machines are both Singers, they both require their own individual attention, so I've made separate pages for them. Click the images below to go to information about either the Featherweight or the Treadle machine. Happy reading!

Singer 66 Treadle Sewing MachineSinger 66 Treadle Sewing Machine

Singer 221 Featherweight Sewing MachineSinger 221 Featherweight Sewing Machine


dee said...

Oh a gal after my own heart, love your lil black beauty's. I look forward to reading & following your blog. I just started collecting vintage machines, I am hooked.

Debbie Kelly said...

I love these old ladies and it gets addictive collecting them. They sure are work horses. I bought one that after I got it was told it had been in the attic for 50 yrs!!!! Amazing it was seized up but after some work runs great. So they are so much fun to me.Thanks for sharing
Debbie Kelly

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