Saturday, 25 February 2012

Through Their Eyes . . .

"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
Elliott Erwitt

This drawer full of cutlery has some stories to tell . . . there's some that I chose, some that we've inherited - from parents and grandparents. There's little embroidered doilies in each little segment - treasures from my Nan. This cutlery is used when we sit around the table each week for "Family Dinner Night". They've been used for all sorts of meals - old favourites and trying new recipes. Meals that we've laughed through, solved worries through, shared stories through. When I look at this picture I see utensils for eating . . . but I also see all those memories, the love and the laughter. This picture the shows me "something interesting in an ordinary place".

Recently we (me, our daughter and her partner) have been using Instagram on our phones. What I have loved about this experience has been what they have captured from their perspective of different aspects of our home . . .

like this tree fern - in a garden bed which needs some work . . . but I see the beauty and the lushness from this perspective.

And this view from the workshop window . . .

I love the moodiness of this picture. It made me look past the things I usually see, like the grass that needs mowing, and the shrubs that need trimming. And see the "something interesting".

When these pictures were taken we were all looking at the same things, but all seeing them differently. So thanks to my fellow "Instagramers" for showing me my world with fresh eyes.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's not too soon for Christmas

I decided it was time to finish off some bits and pieces that have been hanging around . . .

Finish reading a magazine and order another one in digital format - the green alternative, and it frees up space in my house.

Finish having my cup of tea (while reading the magazine).

Finish a couple of Christmas cross stitch ornaments, ready to hang up at the end of the year!

The (red) blackwork angel has been finished for a while.

The Snowman is one that I had previously made for a friend and liked it so much I thought I'd do one for myself. When it was all stitched, it lent itself more to an oval than a circle, so oval it is.

And "Joy" is a finish from last year's Stitching On the Lake day.

I suspect I might make some more Christmas decorations before the end of the year. I had an idea about hanging them in a large frame - a bit artsy, rather than on the tree. That's what I'm thinking now. Let's see what happens at Christmas!

The only thing with these decorations is the finishing. These are all trimmed with DMC, twisted to make a little cord, then stitched over the seams. A hanging loop at the top and a knot or bead at the bottom and the thread "combed" out into the tassel. I like them . . . but . . . if anyone's got an idea for something a little fancier, I'd love to hear.

Pattern: Blackwork Angel
Designer: Fiona - Peaceful Threads By Fiona
Fabric - Aida,18 count
Thread - DMC 221 - 1 thread

Pattern: Joy
Designer: Fiona - Peaceful Threads By Fiona
Fabric - Aida, 14 count
Thread - DMC

Pattern: Snowman's Quaker Christmas
Designer: Midnight Stitching
Fabric - Linen, 27 count
Threads - DMC 4045, 4124, 4210, Blanc Neige, Coates 7403 - 1 thread

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Button Bling

I have a thing for buttons.

I have buttons on clothes.
And on bags.
And as jewellery.

Today I did a re-vamp of some older pieces - the necklace and bracelet. 
And added something new - the earrings.

The necklace used to only have the centre 7 sets of buttons, which looked really good with a shirt with a collar. But a bit odd otherwise. What's a girl to do but add more buttons! So that's what I did, re-stringing (or wiring) the lot.

The bracelet had broken, so it had to be re-strung as well. And really, a set's not complete without earrings is it?

I don't think I'll wear all 3 things at once (perhaps a bit too matchy-matchy!), but sometimes when I've worn the bracelet I've thought that some earrings would be good. Now I'm set to mix and match. It's good to have choices.

Looking at the big yellow button with the little red one on top reminds me of these, which I was lucky enough to enjoy today . . .

The Details
Necklace: 2 strands of 26g wire, magnetic clasp
Bracelet: 6 strands DMC thread, magnetic clasp
Earrings: Regular headpin, gently manipulated through holes in buttons, Sterling Silver shepherds hooks
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