Friday, 29 March 2013

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hexagons - A new life

I started making these little 1/2" hexagon flowers a long time ago and then just stopped. But now I'm giving them a new lease of life . . .

I am adding a hexagon at each end and changing them from flowers to diamonds!

I've had to re-purpose some suffolk puffs (or yo-yos) from another pile of unfinished pieces for a couple of them, since I'd used every last scrap of a couple of fabrics. Some of these fabrics were used in a quilt or two. Then the scraps became circles to be stitched into yo-yos. Then these little hexies were cut from the scraps from between the circles!

This will probably end up being a table runner, not the queen sized quilt I once imagined! Still, better something than nothing, right?

Pattern: Hexagons - 1/2"
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