Wednesday, 2 May 2012

You learn something new every day

Like Huckaback Embroidery, or Swedish Huck Weaving.

I never knew until today that that's the name for this embroidery. It had never occurred to me that it had an actual name, that it was a style in its own right. It's always just been that thing that I made at school!

This is a piece that I made in maybe 5th or 6th grade. I have a really vague recollection of making this. I can almost remember the feel of the needle sliding under the top threads (you don't see any of the coloured threads on the back of the work). It's pretty wonky on the side hems. And it's a got a yellow age spot that won't come out. Otherwise it's in pretty good condition for being somewhere around 35 or 36 years old. These days it lines one of the drawers in my bedroom . . .

I'd never really given too much thought to this bit of embroidery (it's funny how I see my grandmother's work as an heirloom, but I've not really thought of my own like that before), but looking at - really looking at it - today, I don't think I did too badly with it. The very structured, geometric style certainly appeals to my sense of order. I may end up trying this type of embroidery again one day!

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