Saturday, 10 March 2012


10 years ago, one of these gorgeous little golden waggly tails chose us. Second from the left. A little more yellow than the others. Quiet. Gentle. Snuggly.

Grace. Little Gracie. Gracie Lou.

She chose us. To be her family. Her humans.

She quickly became a partner in crime with her chocolate companion - quite the dynamic duo.

Between them, they demolished several garden watering systems and countless plants and pots. In true partnership style, one loved the plants and one loved the pots . . . so they worked together and made a happy team!

She was just born to be a companion. She loved company - canine and human.

She loved to be scratched and petted and brushed. She loved the water. She loved her food. And she loved us.

This week she left us.

Unexpectedly. Suddenly. And forever.

But she left us infinitely better than she found us. Better for having had the privilege of her beautiful, gentle spirit in our lives.

She will be missed. She will be forever treasured. And always loved.


beecee said...

oh dear girl, I am sorry sorry about your grace.A loss is always such a terrible thing, but a sudden one the worst.

FIONA said...

Oh Sue .... just read about Grace ... I'm feeling for you .... I can't imagine losing such a little treasure now and we have only had ours for 3 months! Hugs and more hugs to you and your family .... and aren't puppies just the cutest things and then they grow up into loving and beautiful companions. Hugs xx

Sue-Anne said...

A wonderful tribute to Gracie. My thoughts are with you xxx

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