Friday, 10 June 2011

Civil War Blocks 22 and 23 x 3!

Block 22 - "Blockade" - the block with many triangles - is done and I quite like it.

Although there were a lot of triangles to be pieced, it all went together well and kept its correct size.

Block 23 - "Illinois Roads" . . . now that's another story.

A quick and easy block, you might say.

And it was.

Except . . .

It looked boring to me when it was done.

So what's a girl to do? Unpick - that's what.

So I did.

No use wasting perfectly good fabric, right? So I delved back into the stash and choose 2 more fabrics.

And the result was  . . . Version 2

and Version 3

I'm much happier with these than with Version 1. Fabric selection really is everything with this block, that's for sure.

And since it's not too far from half way through this quilt, it's time to lay it out and see what I've got so far. I'm thinking the blocks will be on point, which means I'll have to start thinking about half blocks for the edges. And the colour of the sashing is still open for discussion, but there's plenty of time yet.

So for now I'm feeling happy with what I've done and looking forward to what's still to come. And I'm loving the process. Block of the week - definitely a concept that works for me!

Pattern: Civil War Quilts - Block 22 - "Blockade"
Pattern: Civil War Quilts - Block 23 - "Illinois Roads"
Designer: Barbara Brackman


beecee said...

They are looking lovely, Sue. Love the yellow and pinks. So fresh. It will be fun to see what you everyone chooses for sashing. Like you, I will set mine on point.

Terry said...

The two new blocks are looking great. I'm so far behind but glad to see your progress.
They look good on point. Nice idea.

Sylvia said...

Wow, Sue, the blocks all look fantastic! Well done.

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