Tuesday, 15 February 2011

"Man Craft"

I share my life with a man who has about as many "gadgets" for his craft as I do for mine! He works with timber . . . creating beautiful heirloom pieces - and lots of them are for me. Click here to see some of his handiwork. He uses all this gear when he's creating . . .

Lots of bits and pieces in here . . . see it's not just "girly" crafts that have lots of accessories!

So when he asks if I'll do him a favour, what's a girl to do? So what is the favour?

To make covers for his tool chests, of course! And could they have a monogram, too?

So a trip to the fabric store and a few hours later, he has covers for the tool chests . . . and monogrammed as well.

He already gets lots of comments when he takes his tool chests to site. It's amazing how many people stop and admire his kit. His tools are his livelihood, so he takes them pretty seriously. He likes to work with good quality, well maintained tools. And vintage tools and heirloom tools, too (see any similiarities to a lot of quilters here? Did I mention how I like to sew with Francene?) So he takes good care of his stuff. And it looks lovely all nicely fitted into these gorgeous tool chests. It will be interesting to see what sort of comments he gets now . . .

And true to form, Squeaker had to get in on the act - quilt, tool chest cover - it's all the same to her!


ranette said...

Hi Sue! Oh my gosh! You two are the perfect pair....so talented!
Seriously talented!!! I went back and looked at the post where you showed the wonderful furniture....Beautiful!!!

Love the tool case covers. Do you really sew standing up? All of the time? I've done it, but not so much now.

Notjustnat said...

OMG, you are not only lucky. You are super lucky GIRL! Your man is a treasure to keep. Congratulations to both of you to have passions that go well together. Does he take order?

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