Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cotswolds - Finished!

It's been not far off 3 years since I started this quilt . . . and now it's finished and on the bed! I wrote a bit about this quilt here and here.

This medallion quilt radiates from the centre in alternating borders of pieced blocks and then plain (or at least large chunks of fabric) borders.

The quilt has a couple of really lovely paisleys in it, so the quilting (by Quilts With Attitude) is a very scroll-y, swirly, paisley-ish design to match.

I've washed this quilt and (look away now if you are a purist or a bit precious about quilts!!!) put it in the dryer to give it a crinkly, vintage look. I must confess to being a little anxious about doing that, but it's turned out just fine . . . although it did shrink a bit (it started at 93", then 92" after it was quilted and bound, then it lost another 2 1/2" in the washing). Still, it's finished and on the bed - ready for its intended purpose. After all, isn't that what quilt making is all about?

Pattern: Cotswolds
Designer: Susan Smith


FIONA said...

Absolutely beautiful Sue! It looks gorgeous - so much work! Very brave to put it in the dryer but so pleased it turned out OK! Sleep tight under that quilt!!

Sylvia said...

Hi Sue.

The quilt looks fabulous. Well done. You have done a great job. I do just love blue quilts!

beecee said...

Oh, it feels so good to finish a quilt! Yours is lovely, so soft and subtle yet it reminds me of ancient tile. I totally approve of washing ( and drying). It is a bed quilt and we live in the real world. I always freak a little before I put my quilt in the dryer but the quilting does transform in a good way. ( It will take a toll if you keep doing it though, so be judicious ).

Notjustnat said...

Weldon Sue, big congratulations for the finished. I have a few waiting to send off to get them machine quilt, but so far I've done nothing to them :-( Hugs Nat

Annette said...

Oh wow! What a gorgeous quilt! I love how soft the colors are.

Terry said...

A beautiful finish. Medalion quilts are best on a big bed.

Hope you got a big buzzz when you finished I always do.

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