Saturday, 29 May 2010

Printer's / Typesetter's Tray

We have a couple of little nooks in our lounge room - one houses the TV and the other is home to the "doiley cupboard". It's a little cabinet that I inherited from my Nan . . . and it was filled with doileys!

Hanging above the doiley cupboard is a typesetter's or printer's tray. In its previous life it was filled with Helvetica Bold 24 typsetting sorts, but now it's filled with the faces of the ones I love! It's a bit of fun to see these little snippets of reminders of our family hanging on our wall. I was inspired to create this a couple of years ago after seeing a project by Ali Edwards. The whole process was enjoyable for me - starting with scouring antique shops to find a suitable tray, to sorting through and reminiscing about 10os of photos to the actual "cutting and pasting".  There are still a few blank spots, but we've still got a whole lot of life left yet to fill it! I love that this is such a novel way to display not only photos, but other little pieces of memorabilia too.

And then there's the wall! There's been some discussion in our house this week of ideas for re-decorating and "the wall" was on the list. I should point out that this was an already existing feature of our house when we bought it - and it's quite a polarising aspect of the room. Some people like (don't really know about love) it and some people definitely don't (the word hate may have been bandied about!). It's a silver wallpaper, chosen many years ago by the daughter of the previous owner. I actually don't mind it (it's not particularly well hung, with joins overlapping etc) or at least the essence of it - it reflects light nicely and I don't find it that offensive, but the ideas man is in no way enamoured by it! I suspect, in the end, that it will go, but for now it's the backdrop to some of may favourite furniture/decorating pieces.

What corner of your home is making your heart sing today?


Natima said...

That looks great. I have one of this tray too, but I display my many thimbles in it. It looks good with the photos too. Have a lovely weekend - Hugs Natima

Sue-Anne said...

Love your Nan's little cupboard and what a fantastic idea to display treasured memories! It looks fantastic Sue.

illene said...

Hi Sue
I like your tray full of photos Great way to display them
Hope you are well

Jane said...

Hi Sue, thanks for showing us your dynamic photo display. I also have a printer's type tray similar to yours and have been wondering what to display in it. I thought I might paint some tiny artworks. Thanks also for your lovely comments on our 'Honi and Lemon" blog. I look forward to seeing more of your ideas in future posts.

Angi~Mistress of Mayhem said...

What a work in progress! I just painted and hung up a couple of trays. I figure they will be works in progress, too. :) Thanks for sharing your project!

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