Friday, 22 February 2013

Civil War Quilt . . . Re-visited

It's been a very long time since I've done any sort of patchwork. And my Civil War Quilt has languished in the project box - half done, incomplete.

Well I've been inspired by seeing more of the finished quilts of others who started this project way back in January 2011. Inspired enough to start stitching!

I'm going to make some "filler" blocks and decided on the "Shoofly" block. I like its simplicity and that it can really show off the fabrics and blocks of colour.

It was lovely playing with the fabrics again.

Making choices.



My plan is to do some preparation by cutting the pieces as the urge takes me. And then they will be ready when I have some spare moments to stitch. No deadlines, just stitching for pleasure.

And I've made 5 blocks already.

Who knows, I may even finish this quilt this year . . .

Pattern: Civil War Quilts
Designer: Barbara Brackman

1 comment:

Sue-Anne said...

It is going to look wonderful, I've not seen one I haven't liked yet. That's a good idea with the filler blocks and who can resist the Churndash.

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