Saturday, 5 January 2013

Organic Cotton Face Cloths - Crocheted, Not Knitted!

Well I did start out to knit a whole bunch of these . . . and I did actually knit one.

But I just knit too slowly!

So I got out the crochet hook.

The first one I did was the green-y one. It's just plain, but I quite like it. It used the whole ball of cotton.

Then I came across this pattern and decided to give it a try using the mauve yarn. I liked the scallop-y edge that you end up with. And it worked up really quite quickly.  It also used almost the whole ball of cotton. I really enjoyed working with the cotton . . .  and it feels so lovely when it's done.

I could see this pattern in a much chunkier yarn as a throw rug. Or maybe cushions. A little project for Winter perhaps???

Pattern: Dish Cloth
Designer: Crochet 'N' More
Yarn: Heirloom 8 ply Organically Grown Cotton

Hook: G (4.0mm) 
Finished size: 24cm x 24cm


Anonymous said...

these are a great idea.xx

Alan Hobbs said...

I love your knitted work and that's a great suggestion organic plus knitted WOW!!!!. It will make my bathroom more impressive. I love your collection Organic Cotton Face Towel.


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