Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Knitting . . . the Continental Way

Knitting face cloths using lovely organic cotton . . .

I should mention from the start that I'm not really much of a knitter. Don't get me wrong, I can knit a plain scarf (preferably in a textured fiber that's very forgiving) as well as the next person. But consistent tension is a technique that eludes me. So plain and simple knitting it is!

Recently I was browsing at Steph's in Moroya and on display was the most lovely knitted face cloth. I'm a tactile person, so the gentle feel of the cotton cloth won me over instantly. And I bought the kit (which included the pattern, a ball of organic cotton and a glorious handmade soap). But not content with the kit  . . . and not worrying about the fact that (as previously mentioned) I'm not much of a knitter, I loaded up with other colours, too. And visions of knitting up these glorious face cloths for Christmas gifts for one and all!

I am pleased with the end result (although I did change my knitting technique half way through after reading about the "Continental" method and watching this tutorial, which seems to suit me much better than the "English" method). I still plan to make a couple more, but I'm not willing to commit to which Christmas . . . I may be OK with the knitting, but I am certainly not fast!!

Pattern: Spa Day Facecloth
Designer: Anne Mancine

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