Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Crown Bag

Inspired by our night of royal-ness and wedding-watching, I decided to make a crown bag. Not that I have a crown to go in it or anything, but you never know!!

This is a really simple bag to make up. I've made it in several sizes now, from about 4 inches square up to about 10 inches square. The little ones are cute, but for usability, I think 7 inches is good.

So, I start with 5 squares of the same size . . . 7" x 7" for the outer, and the same for the lining.

I drew up a crown and used vliesafix to attach the crowns, ready for raw-edge applique.

I really like the sketchy look of straight stitch, raw-edge applique. When I am doodling or sketching I invariably find myself drawing over the same lines more than once, so the look of this stitching style suits me . . .

Once all the embellishment to the side squares is done, I join one side at a time to each side of the bottom square. Then stitch the side seams from the top edge to the bottom corner. I do the same for the lining, leaving an opening on one of the side seams for turning through.

I make 2 loops, 1 each (about 3" long) for opposite sides and a long strip (about 20" long) for the handle, which is attached at the other pair of opposite sides . . . so all 4 sides have something attached to them. On the smaller bags I've found using ribbon for the loops is really good. I pin the loops and handle right side out, facing down, to the outer bag squares and pin or tack them in place. Then I put the bag outer inside the lining, right sides together and stitch around the top edge, making sure to catch the loops and handles in the seam.

Turn the bag right side out through the opening in the lining side seam. Hand stitch the opening closed and voilà . . .

one cute and useful little bag - in all its "crowning glory". Slip the handle through each of the side loops, pull it up to close the bag and you're good to go!

If crowns aren't your thing, these bags are a nice way to try a new block or use some of your "just had to have it" fabric. The options are limitless!

Pattern: Crown Applique
Designer: Sue Hampson


ranette said...

You are so talented....love the bags Sue and I really am impressed that you just thought up the crowns, very cute!

Notjustnat said...

They look great Sue. Good enough to take to the palace hehe! I love the one with crown best - Hugs Nat

Sylvia said...

They are great bags, Sue. Just might need to make one one!

Terry said...

You really are enjoying the Royal theme. I like the bag and thanks for the tutorial.

Might make some in Christmas fabric.

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