Friday, 18 March 2011

Civil War Quilts - Block11

Where did this week go?

I have managed to complete Block 11 - London Square. The colours are a bit drab in the picture, the "brown" is actually quite lime. Bad lighting - what can I say?

The weather's become decidedly "autumn-y" this week, and I must say I really like it. I can feel that it won't be too long before scarves and coats make their way back into my morning attire!

And this week has seen many hot air balloons take to the sky over our city . . . and I get to see them on my drive in to work. The morning sky this week has been quite overcast, so you see the lovely glow of the balloons as they burn the gas jets. And twenty-something balloons all floating around is quite a sight to behold. There certainly are some benefits to starting work early!

Pattern: Civil War Quilts - Block 11 - London Square
Designer: Barbara Brackman


Terry said...

Hooray! your keeping up to date. I like the colors Looking at the yellow in block 10 I can see what you mean. We've had more grey weather so trouble getting photos here too. The baloons sound wonderful. What time do you start out 5a.m.?
Good weekend

ranette said...

Great block Sue. I wonder what Barbara B. has in store for us this week? It's showing signs of Summer here...hopefully Spring won't be skipped though.

beecee said...

Amazing! Are you looking forward to Fall and Winter? I wonder if that will influence your choice of fabrics. Here in Brooklyn,spring is known to be fickle so I am not sure we are entirely done with snow. But we are all hoping. The crocus are in bloom and there is birdsong.

Notjustnat said...

Love your colour Sue. I think mine is too bright. You have to wait and see. I see hot air balloons on my way to work at this time of the too.
I can't wait to collect some oak leaves for my dye pot. Have a great weekend - Hugs Nat

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

no sue, no drab...just muted and i love that...good on you for keeping up with the blocks...we are getting a bit autumny down here too...those hot air balloons must be a sight to see...dzintra

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