Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Spot of Shopping . . . and Owls

We took a little drive to do a bit of antique shopping . . . we didn't come home with much, but had a lovely day out just the same.

What I did bring home are these gorgeous threads to do a little cross stitch. I love the colours of the Simply Shaker Sampler Threads . . . and I love the names of them - "Fragrant Cloves", "Shutter Green", "Cranberry". How can you go wrong?

And then, at the last stop of the day I picked up this little doiley. It's sandwich tray size. And it looked so cheery to me in the red stitching. I may use it for its intended purpose, or it may make its way into a project down the track. Who knows?

And if you have a thing for owls, and you haven't organised a calendar for this year (or even if you have), this site has the cutest little owl calendar that you can create yourself and print out. The artwork is wonderful. This is the one I made for myself . . .

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