Saturday, 13 November 2010

Petit Point Treasure

We visited a little antique and collectables fair recently. I love to go and wander, and hopefully spy some treasure I didn't even know I wanted!

Well, I came across this beautiful little powder compact. Now, I'm not really a pressed powder kind of girl. That was more my Nan's thing. What caught my eye was  the most lovely petit point on the lid!

It's a bit tarnished and has been well used, but all that just adds to the appeal for me. It's even inscribed - "Bon Voyage Margaret ~ 1949". The compact's made in England, so I'd like to  imagine that Margaret was sailing away to foreign shores (Australia) to start a new chapter in her life with a lovely young man, the compact a gift from a friend who would miss her dearly. And maybe each time the compact was used, Margaret remembered her dear friend, far, far away. After all, don't wonderful new-found treasures always have a story behind them?

The stitching is by no means perfect, but it is beautiful in all its aged glory. It's made me wonder whether I'd like to have a try at stitching petit point - just a small piece, and with a large magnifying glass!

I just love this little treasure. For me it was well worth the drive in the blustery weather to a little town an hour away.

What's caught your eye (and imagination) in expected places?

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Notjustnat said...

Hi Sue, sorry I didn't know you've moved. I will mention your new blog on my next post. It's looking great. I can see you have been working hard loading everything up. Good job and welcome to Blogspot - Hugs Nat

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