Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Can a girl have too much bling?

My daughter doesn't think so!!!

Love you Kell xoxo


Natima said...

No you can never have too much bling! When we first moved to Abu Dhabi and found the local Arab ladies wearing bling and gold we felt quilt put off, but after a few years there we started wearing them too....Nat

adele said...

Never Never enough bling bling :)

Love the shoes. Personally im not really a shoe girl but i love handbags. The Spencer and Rutherford kind. I have 57 of them and another one i bought the other day.

God im a sucker for a nice bag.

Adele xx

Sue-Anne said...

I love those shoes! If they were red, they could be Dorothy shoes. A girl can never have too much bling!!!!

illene said...

Love the bling

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