Saturday, 15 May 2010

Catalicious Block 4 Complete!

Block 4 stitched - tick.

Block 4 pressed - tick.

Block 4 pieced - tick.

Block 4 of Bronywn Hayes' Catalicious BOM is called "Brutus with Sue and Cynthia". This photo doesn't show the colour very well, but the dark fabric is an aubergine colour, with the other print a buttercup-y sort of colour.

I thought this was going to pretty quick to stitch, but it seemed to take me a little longer than I estimated. But not to worry . . . I'm enjoying seeing all the blocks come together . And I think I'm enjoying satin stitch! If you're like me and struggle a bit with this stitch and you haven't seen this tutorial from Melly, check it out and give her technique a try - it worked for me!

So, that's Block 1 - Brutus The Cat

Block 2 - Friends

and Block 3 - Sisters

I'm trying to use supplies on hand for this project, which is pretty satisfying. These Sawtooth Star blocks will be 18 1/2" square (finished).  I don't usually work with large blocks, so this is a bit of a change for me and I must say, I like seeing progress in the large sizes!


Natima said...

That was quick! I love how you have them all in different colours. Nice way to show case them. Thanks for visiting Honey and Lemon (My DIL). She and her friends are in ACT. Have a nice Sunday - Hugs Natima

Sue-Anne said...

Looks fantastic Sue. Your satin stitch is really really neat!

bron said...

hi, I've just had a nice time looking at your blog and I'm really loving your new little breakfast bag. After such good reusing of that plastic bag you really deserved a new one.

cheers Bron

Gail said...

Are these blocks hand stitched? Your satin stitch looks wonderful and thanks for the link.

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