Thursday, 22 April 2010

Charleston Progress

I've started the applique for my Charleston Rhapsody . . . and so far, so good.

I didn't really think about all the points on the triangles when I first saw the pattern - what I saw were all the hexagons (have I mentioned you need 842 of them?).

But there are a few points. Still, I'm making good progress and enjoying it.

I've been making progress with the hexagons, too. They are just an easy distraction when I want to stitch, but not really concentrate too much.

What's happening in your world?


Sue-Anne said...

Your charleston rhapsody is looking fantastic. Love all the fabrics you are using. Can't wait to see it finished!

Again, I love that photo in your previous post. You should enter it in a competition!

Natima said...

I agree with Sue-Anne, the fabrics are gorgeous. I love lot of blues and these are perfect blues. I don't think I've seen this pattern before. Enjoy Nat

Dzintra said...

Hi Sue...what gorgeous colours...Dzintra♥x

ranette said...

Oh my goodness this is one beautiful quilt that you are making and your work is wonderful. I too love your colors and will enjoy watching you progress.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

My goodness, what an undertaking.

It looks lovely - the colours are wonderfully calm. I can imagine that the hexagons are a perfect occupation to keep hands busy while watching a favourite movie. I still have yet to try my hand at hexagons.

The needle-turn centre is quite charming. Good Luck.

Chris said...

I just think this is going to be so lovely can i be so bold as to ask what range of fabrics you are using just love the chocolates and blues

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