Friday, 12 March 2010

Fabric Basket

I found this great tutorial by Pink Penguin on the net for a little fabric basket a while back and thought how cute it was. So . . .

I went ahead and made the little fabric basket . . . which of course would not be complete without a matching pin cushion and needle case and thread catcher! (This thread catcher is made differently to my others - this one is just like a tiny little bag.)

I opted for one piece of fabric for the outside bottom section (rather than pieced) and I added pockets to the inside of mine, which I find quite handy. I toyed with the idea of having handles (like a bag) but in the end went with the original design (basket/side style). And actually they work pretty well for me - after all, it 's a bit of a hold-all, not a carry bag. This basket often has the "project of the moment" bits and pieces in it, like embroidery threads etc. It's just the right size - not too little, not too big.

I had this braid, which I just loved the moment I felt it - so soft and lovely - just waiting for the right project.

All in all, this is one little basket that I find myself using A LOT. And it's such a cute and quick project to do. It would be great for all sorts of things - a gift bag with sewing stuff inside . . or pretty filled with hair ties for a little girl . . . or in luscious fabrics and filled with chocolates . . . the sky's the limit really with this one.

What little project has made your world a little brighter?


Sue-Anne said...

Cute little basket Sue. I love the fabrics, orange and green looks so good together.

Natima said...

How cute! Lovely set of basket and companion for your sewing projects. I love the colours too - Hugs Nat

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