Friday, 1 January 2010


It’s funny how you create traditions without even realising it.

When our kids were little we would let them take turns putting the angel on the top of the Christmas tree. One year (1997) we couldn’t remember whose turn it was. So we sorted that out and I decided to make a note so we wouldn’t have the same dilemma the following year. I tucked the note in with the angel and it worked really well.

I wasn’t really a documenter back then.

I wasn’t thinking about how in a few years time I’d want to scrapbook about the things we do and that the bit of paper I tucked in with the angel would become so important to me. So I just grabbed a bit of notepaper. It’s a scratchy old bit of probably not very archivally safe paper. But boy does it hold some history!

It is so much more than just a list now. The kids each wrote their names and the year it was their turn. It’s great looking back and seeing how their writing has changed. And remembering how they each in turn were happy to let the other one have their turn without argument.

This year both our children left home. But we still had to get together to decorate the tree (even though they both had trees of their own). This year they thought it should be our turn to put the angel on the tree. But it just wouldn’t be the same if one of them didn’t do it. So the list came out again this year. And the paper’s just about filled up.  So next year when we need a new bit of paper to continue our tradition, it will be archivally safe – for me and for them. Because this is one tradition I don’t want to lose.

What traditions have you created in your world?

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Natima said...

Hi Sue, I'm working on getting the list for my giveaway together and have to go back to all the blogs that entered. I came to your to get the URL and read about you tradition. How true that is. Christmas is the tradition I started in my family. DH never remembered having Christmas at his home and I came from a Buddhist background where we celebrate everything that makes us happy! Because my children are brought up surrounded by Christmas traditions so I started one in my household. Now I have DG and she will be part of the tradition that I started in our family. By the way, I really enjoy your ornament and I packed it away in the box you made for me. I put a note in there explaining where and how I got the ornament. So now you are part of my Christmas tradition too. Happy New Year Sue - Love Nat

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