Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Advent Calendar

This is a pattern from Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched, called “It’s Christmas Time”, which I made quite a few years ago now.

My daughter inherited it when she moved out of home last year. I got it back from her to “fill it up” again for this Christmas. Each little pocket has a couple of sweets and a paper scroll with a joke on it – just a bit of fun leading up to Christmas. My son hasn’t fared quite as well. His advent calendar is a bit makeshift. (Sorry Zack – you know I love you – you’re still my favourite first-born child!) He moved out of home this year and I didn’t really give too much thought to advent calendars – for him or for us – until the other day. So next year I’ll have to make something for him (and myself, too).

How do you count down to Christmas in your world?


Serena said...

This is beautiful! I've never thought to make a quilted advent calendar. When I was little we used the paper kind that we bought in stores. I love that you fill it with a sweet and a joke!

I hope you and yours are doing well!

Natima said...

I used to filled my kids advent calendar too. I stopped when they moved out of home. I am going to make a new one for my Grand Daughter in a few years when she is a bit bigger. I still do the stockings when they are home for Christmas. I love your advent calendar from Anni's. I know Anni very well, I used to lived in Bathurst the first year Anni opened her shop. I still have many friends there and I go back there most year and Anni's shop is a must to visit! I am glad my dear friend Serena is visiting you here too. Have you been to her blog? Have a great week and hope Garry is better - Hugs Natima

clare bower said...

Hi Sue , I just popped in for a visit to thankyou for joining in the ornament swap . You and Natama outdid yourselves , how beautiful . Thanksagain and I'm glad you now have a new friend .

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