Monday, 16 November 2009


Well it seems like the warm weather is here to stay. We have been spending our time doing "yardening" - a term coined by my husband, who says gardening to him is just plants. He's out there tending the plants, but also the pond and other stuff too. Re-paving the courtyard, soon to be building a pergola and the like . . . so yardening it is!

We have some gorgeous roses in our front garden. Some are just small plants, but one of them has the most thick, gnarly old trunk on it and it is absolutely laden with blooms. I can't take any credit - they were already in the garden when we moved in to our house in June. But I sure can enjoy the bounty! Like this vase full of beauty at our kitchen window.

Roses at my window

What's brightening up your world today?


Liz said...

You are so lucky to have beautiful roses. Hope they smell good.

Sylvia said...

Hi Sue. We have roses too and hubby cares for them. He has been filling vases non stop lately and they are really beautiful.

Natima said...

Lovely roses Sue. I hope that you will get the cooler weather your way soon. Our weather turned at the weekend and we had beautiful rain too. I am sending it to you so ready steady catch...! I have good news, I finished your Christmas ornament yesterday and handmade card too. I will take some photos when I get home and they are ready to go.

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