Monday, 9 November 2009

The boxes are . . . GONE!!!

These boxes have been part of our lives for more years than I care to remember. We have moved house A LOT. We've bought boxes. Given some away. Bought more for the next move. Once, we even bought back our own boxes from a removalist who'd bought them off someone else! I'm sure our kids felt that our family has never really settled down. Well, about 4 months ago we moved, for what is hopefully the last time for a long time. We bought our own place and we are finally fully unpacked. No more piles of boxes full of stuff in the garage. Everything pretty much has its own spot - and if there isn''t a spot for it and if we really don''t want it - it's gone! Gone to charity, passed on to someone who wants it. Whatever - gone! Even when we've been in one place for a while, there's always been the pile of boxes waiting to be packed again for the next move.

But no more. A few days ago we passed the last of the empty boxes on to someone else who's moving house.

But not us.

No more.

It's hard to believe. It was a shock to the kids - what? no more boxes? you're finally getting rid of them? you're really staying put? Now that the kids have left home, we've finally settled. No hidden meaning there. Just coincidence. But however it's happened, the boxes are . . . gone!!!


Natima said...

This post is very close to my heart! Never say never, we were told to burn all our boxes when we came back from Abu Dhabi in 2002. Since then we moved 2 more times and the boxes came in handy. Moving becomes our way of life and even though we bought our own home and settled, but at the back of my mine there is that knagging thought about moving again! Huts Natima

Sylvia said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today and for adding me to your list of blogs. I loved seeing your Anni Downes' quilt. I have made that one too and really enjoyed making it. Welcome to Canberra.

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Hi Sue...what a lovely quilt for Christmas...I love Anni's work!!!

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